bite away®

What is bite away®?

bite away® is a heat pen, i.e., an electronic device for the treatment of insect stings and bites. It is chemical-free by using concentrated application of heat (thermotherapy). The local heat can quickly relieve itching and pain after an insect bite and has a long-lasting effect.

Who can use bite away®?

Anyone over the age of 12 can use bite away® for self-administration, including pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Parents can administer the treatment to children* if they are able to understand the mechanism of action. It is important to explain the process beforehand in a way the child can understand: The bite away tip is hot for a short time, which can be a little uncomfortable, but the itching usually stops quickly. As children’s skins are more sensitive, the 3-second impulse should always be selected when treating a child.

*Not recommended for children under the age of 2 years. Self-administration from the age of 12.

How does bite away® work?

Remove stinger before applying the bite away® to the site of the sting. Place bite away®’s ceramic contact plate on the sting or bite. Use the buttons on bite away® to select the duration of treatment:

  • 3 seconds for the initial treatment and for people with sensitive skin OR
  • 5 seconds for regular application

After activating one of the two buttons, the contact surface heats up to approximately. 51 °C/124 °F and remains at this temperature for 3 or 5 seconds.

It is assumed that the application of heat activates various signalling pathways in the body, positively influencing the immune response and reducing inflammatory reactions.

When should I use bite away®?

It’s best to use bite away® immediately after the insect bite or sting – in which case the symptoms can usually be completely prevented.

Delayed treatment can still help to alleviate symptoms more quickly.

How should I use bite away®?

Place bite away®’s ceramic contact plate on the sting or bite. Use the buttons on bite away® to select the duration of treatment, 3 or 5 seconds.

After choosing the duration of the treatment. Hold the device against your skin for the time selected – all done!

If the itching does not completely subside after the first application, you can repeat the treatment – though no sooner than 2 minutes after the previous application.

What is included with the purchase?

The purchase includes one bite away® with a suitable set of batteries:

  • 2 (two) x AA LR06 1.5 V batteries

Are there any side effects when using bite away®?

bite away® works without chemicals – concentrated heat can be perceived as unpleasant and can lead to short-term reddening of the skin in sensitive people, and in rare cases to skin irritation.

However, there are no concerns regarding allergic intolerance reactions such as those that can occur with creams, gels, tablets, or certain metallic contact plates. Because of bite away®’s ceramic contact plate, it is also suitable for people with metal allergies.

How long does the battery last and how can I change it?

The batteries supplied with the device last for up to 300 applications and can be changed when necessary. Three flashes of the LED and three auditory signals indicate that a battery change is necessary.

The original bite away® heat pen uses two AA LR06 1.5 V batteries.