Don’t Let Insect Bites Bug You

From the first application, Bite Away® can provide relief from the itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings.

$ 39.99

five stars rating RATED BY USERS

Easy to UseFast & Effective

Place the ceramic contact surface of Bite Away on the bite or sting. Hold for just 5 seconds (3 seconds for sensitive skin). Bite Away will reach a temperature of about 124°F soothing the bug itch or sting. Sound counterintuitive? It isn’t. Bite Away’s heat technology gently treats uncomfortable bug bites, without any harsh chemicals.

Patented Multi-level Safety Features*

  1. Intelligent Temperature Control
  2. Independent Temperature Guard
  3. Fail-safe Overheating Protection

* EU: patent no. 3308752: US no. 16/317,147: patent pending

Chemical-Free TreatmentConvenient & Reliable

Fast relief for the whole family. Bite Away’s heat technology is ideal for:

*Suitable for children ages 2+, adult supervision and application required for children under the age of 12


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