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Bite Away by MibeTec

You can’t avoid being confronted by mosquitoes, wasps, bees, hornets, horse flies, and other pests while spending time in the backyard or when traveling. Thanks to Bite Away®, a minor bite or sting doesn’t need to turn into a major issue. From the first application, Bite Away provides relief from the itching, pain and swelling caused by insect bites and stings.

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Tried this once and had to get my own, as someone who is always a target for mosquitoes I find that I should always keep this with me.

J A Lucas

Great for mosquito bites!

Both of my kids have an allergy to mosquito bites and every time they get a bite it swells and itches relentlessly. I’ve tried everything from itch relief sprays, creams, and lotions to anti-histamine medicines and nothing has done much to provide them relief. Until now that is. bite away® really works. And while this does get HOT, it won’t burn you. It took a few uses for my 9 yr old to get comfortable with the heat, but now she welcomes it because it spells RELIEF! While I can’t speak to the other “bite relief” heat pens available on Amazon, this one is legit. Buy one today, and you can thank me later!

Mike Hachey

Great for mosquito bites!

My husband and I love this product!!! We moved to Miami last summer and insects are crazy here…but thank you to this product, no more itching in the middle of the night. To be earnest, it hurts while you are using but the results are amazing!!! The best purchase ever!!!


~~ It works! ~~

This little machine works. When you get a mosquito bite, put this little pen on the swollen bite, zap it, and it doesn’t itch for several hours! The only thing you should know is that the “zap” is pretty intense – it burns like touching a boiling pot. To me, it’s a small price to pay, but some may find it too much to take.

mom to two kids

Must-have if you spend anytime outdoors

The best type of product. It simply exactly what it says it will. An absolute necessity for anyone spending time outdoors.


Home Depot

It really works!

I have such a hard time with bug bites getting huge and sore. I got the BiteAway, and I am amazed at how well it works. Even on my skin that would usually welt, I just zap the bug bite right away, and it does not get bigger (like in the past). It also alleviates the itching for quite a while. I have my family use it, and they love it too – Thumbs way up!




Truly a marvelous product. Takes away the itching. Now I’m not afraid of being bitten by mosquitos. A must-have if you are living in an area with mosquitoes!



Works so well

This thing works so well that I even bought a second one for outside and a third one as a gift for a friend. My friend was so happy with it that he bought one for his friend.

Mike B


This thing really does take the itch away, its amazing!

There are two heat length settings, 3 seconds and 5 seconds. The kids prefer the 3 seconds and say it does not hurt at all. Being in Houston, we have used this countless times already for mosquito bites and still have not had to change the battery. Solid all-around product.

Julie H


”You experience a bit of heat but it's such a relief. I will gladly go through that than itch for days. Love this tool!“

May Choi

Bite Away by MibeTec

Place the ceramic contact surface of bite away onto the sting or bite. After pressing one of the two buttons only once (3 seconds for the initial treatment and for more sensitive skin or 5 seconds for a regular application), Bite Away will reach a temperature of around 124°F and maintain that temperature for the selected amount of time.


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FDA-cleared and dermatologist tested device safe for ages 2+. Works solely by applying concentrated heat. Completely chemical free treatment. A great addition to everyone’s medicine cabinet.