Use & Safety

Bite Away reaches an average temperature of 124°F, which can feel uncomfortable or even sting when used for the first time. While it can feel quite hot to some, it will not burn or damage your skin. By comparison, the average cup of coffee is served between 175-185°F. Of course, your safety and comfort is our top priority, which is why Bite Away is designed with a patented three-tiered safety protocol1 built into every product:

  1. Intelligent Temperature Control: The device has a microcontroller that regulates the administered temperature via a sensor located near the heating element. The microcontroller software is a ‘watch-dog’ for the heating element to ensure it doesn’t heat beyond its set threshold (max of 53°C/127.4°F).
  2. Independent Temperature Guard: Bite Away has a ‘shut-down’ mechanism intended to kill power to the heating element in a non-normal situation (ex. the microcontroller fails to properly manage the heating element).
  3. Fail-Safe Overheating Protection: The device has the melt fuse as the third safety measure, which will ‘kill’ the device in the extremely unlikely event that the first two safety measures fail.

Please read the instructions for use. Still unsure? Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.