How Bite Away Works

Bite Away® can help accelerate your body’s natural healing process to relieve symptoms caused by insect bites and stings. Instead of slowly flushing out the insect’s saliva or venom over the course of days, Bite Away uses concentrated heat that can provide chemical-free relief in a matter of seconds.

Treating Bug Bites and Stings

How Insect Bites Affect You

When you’re bitten or stung, the offending insect leaves behind saliva or venom trapped in your skin. Depending on the bug, this saliva or venom can cause its own symptoms, such as itching and irritation. Mosquito bites, for instance, contain an anticoagulant protein that causes itching and irritation. Meanwhile, wasp and bee stings contain a venom that triggers your body’s pain receptors, causing a burning sensation.

How Your Body Responds

On top of the symptoms caused by the bite itself, your body also triggers symptoms as it tries to flush away the foreign substance. As your immune system recognizes the offending saliva or venom, it releases histamine from cells in the skin that act as the first line of defense against foreign substances entering the body. Unfortunately, because the histamine increases the blood flow to the area, it also creates swelling, irritation and even pain. While these symptoms typically subside within a few days, they’re still a nuisance—especially if you have more than one bite.

How Bite Away Can Help

Luckily, Bite Away treats insect bite symptoms in a matter of seconds by safely heating up to 124°F, which is hot enough to provide symptom relief without damaging or burning your skin. This localized pulse of heat can trigger a response from the body that reduces itching, pain, and swelling. It may take a few minutes for the swelling to fully subside, but the irritation, itchiness and other bug bite symptoms will likely be gone in no time.

How to Use Bite Away

1. Select 3 or 5 Seconds

Simply place the ceramic contact surface of Bite Away on an insect bite or sting and select the 3 or 5-second setting. We recommend 3 seconds for the first application.

2. Bite Away Heats Up

The device will safely heat up until a temperature of around 124°F is reached and is maintained for the selected time. The heat can be uncomfortable or even sting for some, but will only last for 3 or 5 seconds.

3. Sweet Relief

The localized pulse of heat can trigger a response from the body that reduces itching, pain, and swelling. Reapply on the same insect bite or sting as needed (up to 5 times per hour, waiting at least 2 minutes between applications).

The Benefits of Our Natural
Bug Bite Treatment

Bite Away is the simple, easy-to-use and chemical-free treatment for insect bites and stings.


Suitable for Everyone

Bite Away’s chemical-free treatment is suitable for adults, children*, expectant moms and allergy sufferers.


Compact & Portable

Designed to easily travel with you on planes, camping trips or to a backyard barbecue.


Mess & Odor-Free

No greasy, messy or odorous ingredients that leave behind unwanted residue or stains.


Fast-Acting Relief

The treatment only takes 3 or 5 seconds and can relieve symptoms in just a couple of minutes.

*Suitable for children ages 2+, adult supervision and application required for children under the age of 12

Safety You Can Trust

Use & Safety

Bite Away reaches an average temperature of 124°F, which can feel uncomfortable or even sting when used for the first time. While it can feel quite hot to some, it will not burn or damage your skin. By comparison, the average cup of coffee is served between 175-185°F. Of course, your safety and comfort is our top priority, which is why Bite Away is designed with a patented three-tiered safety protocol1 built into every product:

  1. Intelligent Temperature Control: The device has a microcontroller that regulates the administered temperature via a sensor located near the heating element. The microcontroller software is a ‘watch-dog’ for the heating element to ensure it doesn’t heat beyond its set threshold (max of 53°C/127.4°F).
  2. Independent Temperature Guard: Bite Away has a ‘shut-down’ mechanism intended to kill power to the heating element in a non-normal situation (ex. the microcontroller fails to properly manage the heating element).
  3. Fail-Safe Overheating Protection: The device has the melt fuse as the third safety measure, which will ‘kill’ the device in the extremely unlikely event that the first two safety measures fail.

Please read the instructions for use. Still unsure? Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

1EU: patent no. 3308752: US no. 16/317,147: patent pending.
2Suitable for children ages 2+, adult supervision and application required for children under the age of 12

Frequently Asked Questions

Bite Away is an electronic device that provides a chemical-free treatment to relieve symptoms caused by bug bites and stings, such as itching, pain and swelling. It works solely through concentrated heat applied to a small, limited area of skin. This localized pulse of heat can trigger a response from the body that reduces itching and pain and subsequently causes any swelling to go down.

Place the ceramic contact surface of Bite Away onto the sting or bite. After pressing one of the two buttons only once (3 seconds for the initial treatment and for more sensitive skin or 5 seconds for a regular application) Bite Away will reach a temperature of around 124°F and maintain that temperature for the selected amount of time.

If bug bite symptoms do not disappear completely, the application can be repeated. Be sure to leave a treatment interval of at least 2 minutes between each application. Do not exceed a maximum number of 5 applications per hour on the same insect sting or bite.

Bite Away treats insect stings and bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps and ants. It is ineffective against venom from spiders, scorpions or snakes, and it is not proven to work on acne. If you’re unsure what caused your symptoms, check out our article on identifying common bug bites and stings. (Note that the words “bugs” and “insects” are commonly used interchangeably. However, bugs belong to the biological phylum Hemiptera, which is only a small part of the class of insects. So technically speaking, all bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs.)

Quick treatment is best! If the device is applied immediately after the sting/bite, symptoms can usually be prevented altogether. Using the device in the short-term after contact with a bug can help symptoms fade away more quickly. Continue to use Bite Away until symptoms have subsided.

Bite Away is suitable for expectant mothers, children over 2 years old (self-application from 12 years and up) and those with sensitive skin. When using on children, please note that a child’s skin is more sensitive than that of an adult. Prior to treatment, please inform your child that Bite Away will create heat that might have a slight sting for a brief moment. View our tips for using Bite Away with children.
No. Bite Away treats the symptoms caused by insect bites or stings, not the bite or sting itself.
No. Bite Away is not intended to be used in the event of severe hypersensitivity reactions after an insect sting or bite (anaphylactic reaction). Bite Away is not a replacement for emergency treatment. You should immediately call a doctor at the first signs of any such reaction (e.g. increased itching, reddening, swelling or formation of a welt, dizziness, nausea, difficulties breathing, hypotension or hypertension).
Bite Away is suitable to use by those with skin allergies to treat the symptoms caused by insect bites or stings, but it does not directly relieve or cure allergic reactions or allergy symptoms. Some skin allergies are accompanied by an increased sensitivity to some stimuli. People with known skin allergies should therefore try Bite Away carefully or should talk to their doctor before using it.
For special contraindications please read the instructions for use.
Your Bite Away comes with 2 AA LR6 1.5V batteries pre-installed. These will work for up to 300 applications and can be replaced with AA LR6 Alkaline batteries, when needed. When wanting to change the batteries, please remove the battery cap. Your Bite Away will let you know when the batteries need to be changed; the LEDs will flash three times and the acoustic signal will sound three times.