Gift Ideas for Campers, Hikers, & Outdoor Enthusiasts - Part I

Gift Ideas for Campers, Hikers, & Outdoor Enthusiasts - Part I

If you’re the type that prefers the comforts of home, is it possible to find the perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts? Of course! 

Whether you’re a certified couch potato or just don’t partake in outdoor hobbies, we’re here to help you find the best present for the hiker, camper, fisher, or outdoor enthusiast in your life.

Finding the Perfect Gift (for a Hobby You Know Nothing About)

When it comes to hardcore gear, most avid hikers and campers would prefer to pick out their own. Your best bet is to find a cool, clever, or useful accessory that will improve their experience, but isn’t fundamentally necessary to the activity. 

For instance, if you’re trying to get a Secret Santa gift for a fisher, you’ll want to avoid trying to buy a fishing rod or reel. Chances are, your gift recipient has particular preferences--not to mention the fact that they’ve probably already purchased all the gear they really need. Plus, even if you’re able to covertly gather intel on the make and model of their dream pole, specialized gear or accessories can quickly run up a costly bill.

Instead of focusing on a big gift, consider getting one or two smaller items they may not have thought of that can improve their adventures. We’ve compiled a list of fun, unique items that will make everyone’s holiday a little more merry. 

1. Hobby Subscription Boxes

You may not know much about hiking or camping, but there are plenty of hobby-based subscription boxes filled to the brim with fun and useful items.

These companies do the research for you to find exciting new products, and include fishing, camping, and hiking boxes to choose from.  

You can purchase a subscription for a new box each month, or go with a trial box for a one-off gift. If your outdoor lover loves the box, they can pick up the subscription for themselves.


2. Funny (and Useful) Survival Guide

Your camper probably knows how to start a fire already, but what about escaping from quicksand or delivering a baby in the back of a car?

Sure, these may seem like very unlikely scenarios, but anyone who loves the outdoors will love this funny, dramatic, and clever survival handbook for the ultimate worst-case scenarios. And it just may come in handy someday!

3. Unique Camping Accessories

No matter how experienced your hiker is, there are still plenty of accessories to improve their camping experience. Things like a camping hammock or silicone dish sets may not be immediately obvious to even the most experienced campers, but they can make a huge difference on their outdoor trips. 

4. Sleeping Pad

Every camper will already own a sleeping bag, but do they have an inflatable sleeping pad? They are by no means essential for a trip into the woods, but you’d be amazed at the difference they make when sleeping on the ground. Plus, when not inflated, they can fold or roll up to easily fit into any type of backpack. 

5. Sneaker Balls/Foot Fresheners

Hikers and campers spend an awful lot of time in their hiking shoes, wading through rivers, stomping through mud, and working up a sweat. Those boots have been through a lot, and they can certainly smell like it. Shoe fresheners are an inexpensive gift that is worth their weight in gold for someone with well-worn hiking boots. 

6. Trail Stool

While campers likely already own a durable tent, considering purchasing a trail stool. They collapse and store like a foldable chair, but are notably more compact, lightweight, and still provide more comfort than fashioning a seat out of a rock or tree stump.

7. Portable Espresso Maker

Campers may not have access to running water, fine meals, or a comfortable bed, but that’s no reason they shouldn’t get a decent cup of coffee. Any hardcore hiker will appreciate a portable espresso machine. These are simple, lightweight, and make a much better brew than a traditional camping coffee maker. Bonus points for adding a thermos!

8. Bite Away Bug Bite Treatment

There’s one thing that every outdoor activity and hobby has in common: dealing with bugs. From mosquito bites to bee stings, Bite Away relieves symptoms and stops itching in a matter of seconds. This bite treatment works even faster than topical creams, and there’s no chance of it leaking onto anyone’s gear. 

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